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Language support : 70+

Communicate effortlessly in over 70 languages for a truly global reach.

Handle open-ended conversations

Engage in free-flowing, open-ended conversations with ease.

Advanced reporting

Gain valuable insights with advanced reporting capabilities.

Self service

Enable seamless self-service interactions, empowering users to find solutions independently, anytime, anywhere, with ease.

Intelligent Analytics

Utilize intelligent analytics to evaluate user engagement levels, identifying warmth and potential conversion opportunities through chat interactions

User feedback loop

Create a seamless user feedback loop, enabling clients to offer suggestions on chatbot performance and ensuring prompt, satisfactory responses to their inputs.

Team collaboration

Enable team collaboration with customizable dashboard access levels, allowing individuals to engage as admin, editor, or viewer.

Helpdesk support

Offer comprehensive helpdesk support, providing timely assistance and effective solutions to address user inquiries and concerns.


Ensure compliance with service level agreements (SLAs), guaranteeing timely and efficient support to meet client expectations.

Leads generation

Generate leads by capturing user information on our website. Access lead data on our dashboard for follow-up.

Unlimited seat capacity

Enjoy unlimited seat capacity with the flexibility to add any number of members to your team.

Token Authentication

Secure your dashboard with token authentication, ensuring that only authorized users can access it.

Custom features

Personalize your experience with custom features designed to meet your specific needs and preferences.

Business actions

Take action instantly with intuitive button functionalities, streamlining navigation and enhancing user interaction.

Explainable AI modelling

Customize your chatbot's tone with Explainable AI, adjusting how it engages with users to match your desired tone.

Personalized onboarding experience

Experience onboarding made just for you, tailored to your needs and preferences for a personalized journey.

Unlimited training history

Access unlimited training history, giving you the flexibility to revise, modify, edit, or delete your trained data at any time.

Custom API calls

Easily integrate custom API calls to adjust system functionality, ensuring seamless communication with external services.

Call and email support

Access comprehensive support via both call and email channels, ensuring prompt and reliable assistance whenever you need it.

Prioritized engineering support

Receive prioritized engineering support, ensuring timely assistance and resolution of technical issues to keep your operations running smoothly.

Customised agent roles

Define custom agent roles tailored to your team's specific responsibilities and permissions, optimizing collaboration and efficiency

10K-100K word training set

Access a robust training set ranging from 10,000 to 100,000 words, providing ample data to enhance your model's performance and capabilities.

Dedicated account manager

Gain the support of a dedicated account manager, providing personalized assistance and guidance to help you achieve your goals effectively.

Receive regular email reports

Receive reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, providing valuable insights and updates at your preferred frequency.

Whitelabel service

Utilize our white-label service to seamlessly integrate our solution into your brand, offering a fully customizable experience without third-party branding.

Prioritized indexing

Ensure your content receives priority indexing, maximizing its visibility and accessibility across search engines for optimal reach and impact.

Scalable data and query

Enjoy scalable data storage and query capabilities, empowering your system to handle growing volumes of information and user inquiries with ease.

Frequently Asked Question

On average it takes 2 minutes and does not require technical programming knowledge.

No, you don’t need a credit card. We will bill you monthly and you can use any mode of payment.

We already have integrations available for many popular CRMs. For our Success plan users, we also support custom requirements and 3rd party integrations!

We will share the details of the leads on your mail on a weekly basis.

You may cancel your subscription to BeyondChats at any time. The cancellation will become effective at the end of your current billing cycle.
Upon cancellation, your service will remain active until the end of your paid billing term.

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Yes, your data is 100% secure with us.

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