Add buttons to increase lead generation in just 5 steps

We’ve got some awesome news – we’ve upgraded beyondchats chatbot by adding buttons to make the chatbot even cooler! Now you can do more amazing things with just a click. Let’s break it down.

Buttons are like the superheroes of your chats. They guide conversations, open websites, and help you convert your visitors to leads. And guess what? We just made them even more powerful!

Now users can not just chat but also have a guided conversation that helps them decide and pick the product or service that they are looking for.

You can add business buttons in just 5 simple steps:

  1. Login to your admin dashboard
  2. Go to configure chatbot
  3. Click on Business actions
  4. Click on add action button
  5. Add the text to the business action and the URL where you want the user to land

Available action buttons:

  • Contact us: End user can get the details of the team and thus is a lead for you
  • Explore your services: The chatbot recommends the end user to use your services 

How will action buttons help your organization?

If a user comes to your website and now you want to convert that user to your customer but are not sure how to do it? Our business actions help you in this!

  • With business actions now you can ask the user to buy the product from the chat itself
  • You can ask the user to take the relevant action based on your business like schedule a call, contact us etc
  • The chatbot is not just available as customer support but also converts the visitors into actual customers

The actions are visible to the end-users. You can define the business action based on what your business wants. This will bring more automation to lead generation.

Add action buttons to your chats

Get your custom chatbot today with Beyondchats and enlighten your customers with the best support!

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