IVFIndia improved their CX by 95.8% using Beyondchats


IVF India is helping couples to make informed decisions related to IVF. Through their website, they are providing knowledge therapy to the clients. 

IVF India partnered with Beyondchats to build a chatbot capable of handling its core challenges. 

Issues like

  • Patients not being comfortable in sharing their sexual needs.
  • Automate simple queries to reduce load on doctors
  • Offer 24/7 customer support
  • Improve customer experience (CX)
  • Schedule hassle-free appointments
Beyondchats success

How BeyondChats offered a solution:

To improve customer experience we offered a customized chatbot that was trained on all the data given by IVFIndia.

Beyondchats solution helped

  • Provide 24*7 support to IVFIndia’s 20,000+ Monthly users
  • Seamlessly managed 8,000+ chats per month via automation
  • Helped customers book appointments easily through the dashboard
  • Shared relevant resources along with the information for detailed summary
  • Shared an amazing dashboard with IVFIndia to track the users and help them understand the user base
Beyondchats on IVFIndia
Beyondchats on IVFIndia


The chatbot solution built by Beyondchats helped make significant business impact for IVFIndia while allowing it to manage the sudden surge in demand. Specifically, it improved customer experience CX by 95.8%.

To test our IVFIndia chatbot click here: IVFIndia

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